"John Best Handmade Knives really are a cut above!"

If quality and craftsmanship are what you are after look no further. I bought my first JBHK in 2013, since then I have bought 5 more with plans to make a 6th 7th and 8th as soon as possible. If my choices were to find a new knifemaker or go without, you could probably find me trying to slam some flint together as I am sure I would not find a knife I was as satisfied with as a John Best Knife. His slicers have been everywhere with me and done it all.

His gt#3 model has skinned 2 Bear, 17 Elk, 11 Mule Deer, 1 Wild Boar and 3 Whitetails. It's still on only its third sharpening if that tells you the quality and durability of these knives.

My gt#4 has done 1 Bear, 14 Elk, 21 Mule Deer and 7 Whitetails. Again only it's 4th sharpening on it.

I had a wonderful gt#1 small game skinner that helped me clean in excess of 300 rattle snakes and was still ready to help butcher every Ruffed Grouse I could throw its way, and I'd still have it had it not been for some sticky fingered miscreants making off with that little gem of a knife. I hope it serves them as well as it had served me.

When John agreed to collaborate on a design driven knife with RPK we knew we had a winner before we had ever used it, and like a fine wine it got better with time. After each deer processed with it we learned more and more about how valuable this knife was to our butchering process from field to freezer. If you don't see what you are looking for, John is always eager to help is always interested in helping someone find the perfect knives for their needs.

I haven't and won't go to another maker as long as he continues to grind those blades into masterpieces of the cutting world. 5 stars on everything I have gotten from John and that's only because the system won't let me rate any higher! If you are on the fence about who to go for all of your cutting needs, this is the place and John is the guy.

Kyle Maurer, RPK Outdoors



Great knives and absolutely the best quality you’ll find in a custom knife . For that very reason I have several of John’s knives . From cleaning deer to shaving twigs for s’mores and everything in between they get the job done . Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed. 

Mike P. 

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